| October 16, 2012

My book “GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE” was recently the topic of a radio program called “Mid Morning” with host Lynne Ford on WBCL, a Christian Radio network in the Midwest. During the hour-long discussion she speaks with relationship expert and counselor Dr. David Hawkins about my message to husbands and how they relate to their wives.

Note that when they speak about the book they use its original—and poorly chosen by the publisher!—title, “IT’S (MOSTLY) HIS FAULT.”  When the book was published in soft cover, the title was changed to “GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE,” and that is how it is referred to today.

Dr. Hawkins and Ms. Ford were overwhelmingly positive about the book. Though the show is intended for a Christian audience, Ms. Ford notes that the truth in the book applies regardless of one’s faith. Indeed, Ms. Ford recommends the book to men who are put off by relationship books with heavy religious language.

Here are a few of Dr. Hawkins’s comments about “GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE” during the show:

“Robert Mark Alter is just saying it the way it is. It’s not cloaked in psychobabble or religiosity. I found myself reading page after page smiling, chuckling, nodding, going, ‘Yup, yup, yup.’” 

“This is right. Everything he said hit my heart. . . . I’m going to be a better husband tonight.”  

“I loved his words about being conscientious, conduct, and character. We have got to ‘sail the three C’s.’ So men have to be conscientious; we have to watch our behavior; and more importantly, our behavior is one aspect of our ongoing character, who we really are.”

“Mr. Alter is right!  It’s a big deal. We men have been behaving badly. He says that and I’m going to endorse it. . . . We must change. We can change. And when we change lots of good things are going to happen in our marriage and relationships.” 

You can listen to Lynne Ford’s and Dr. Hawkins’s entire discussion by clicking HERE.

For those who have read “SEX WITH A MARRIED WOMAN” but not “GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE,” I recommend it as a companion piece, as it looks at the husband’s role in the entirety of marriage, in and out of the bedroom.


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